Become a Certified Masterful BreathCoach
with our online academy and immersive retreats

Breathtaking Mastery

our program is

Cutting edge

The latest techniques, insights and elite-performance practices. 


Develop a holistic, multidisciplinary and boundless understanding of breathwork.

Result oriented

Create targeted and tangible results for yourself and your clients.  


and feel our vibe

Our innovative, full-immersion education will help you:


 – Understand and explain any breathing technique out there –
– Develop your understanding of physiology, anatomy, and the nervous system –
– Innovate your own personalized breathing techniques for specific outcomes –
– Assess, improve and enhance clients’ breathing quality in just one session –
– Guide Breakthrough Experiences for emotional release and personal healing –

Our people

a close tribe of “outliers” from 35+ different countries

Breathing coaches, yoga teachers, medical doctors, osteopaths, physical therapists, performance coaches, fitness trainers, nutritionists, life coaches, spiritual teachers, biohackers, corporate leaders and eccentric breath enthusiasts.

Some come to this work with a lifetime of breathwork experience, others come with nothing more than a newfound puppy love for breathwork. The one thing that ties us together – and the only prerequisite to joining – is enthusiasm, open mindedness and a willingness to question everything.

Take Their word for it


they know what they’re talking about

The Breathwork Masterclass has been transformative in many ways, both on a physical, emotional, mental as well as a spiritual level. Yes we learned, yes we experienced, but it was so much more than ‘just a masterclass’. It was a journey, a profound upgrade of both my breathing & body knowledge, as well as an upgrade of life in general. It has left me with many new insights, thoughts, feelings, perspectives and inspiration. Kasper is a great teacher, filled with amazingly valuable knowledge and lots of silly jokes, he’s a walking encyclopedia as it comes to the breath, the nervous system and optimizing your human experience in this world.

Nikki van der Velden

Breathing Coach
The Breathwork Movement
Amsterdam, NL

From a full download of principles, theory, and science to the hands-on experiential aspects within the group dynamic and beyond, there isn’t anything this masterclass is missing. Kasper pours on the breathwork knowledge, then integrates it through actual practices and even takes it a step further by taking it into the lab to see it all in action with a full dissection of the lungs, heart, and more. Name another course where you get to do that? I don’t think there is one. In addition, Kasper creates a learning environment that is so fun and opens up deep levels of connection, sharing, and group intimacy that cannot be forced yet comes so naturally.

Reis Paluso

Breathing Coach
Our Breath Collective
California, USA

The Curriculum

We offer training in 3 levels

LEVEL 1: “Breathwork Biohacker”

Level 1 is a full-scale online masterclass packed with theory, and application. It’s a great fit for anyone who is serious about mastering their breath. Both for personal practitioners and coaching professionals who want to expand their toolkit and deepen their understanding and teaching. Beyond breath, you will learn to look at personal health and well-being from an all-inclusive perspective that will help you self-experiment, self-actualize and self-quantify results. Not only is this a powerful stand-alone course, it’s also the prerequisite for joining our Level 2 course. 

Level 2: “Breathwork Professional”

Level 2 is an all-inclusive 5 day retreat in the Netherlands (EU). A hands-on, transformational experience. You will grow, explore, and be challenged on a personal level. You will both undergo and facilitate deep breathwork sessions, bodywork modalities, emotional releasing, strategic breathing interventions, and assessments. We will use Psilocybin microdosing, real tissue dissection, and innovative teaching tools to enhance your learning. After this, you will be well equipped to enter the breathwork space professionally.

Level 3: “Masterful Breath Coach”

Level 3 is another all-inclusive 5 day retreat in the Netherlands (EU). A deep dive into coaching mastery. You will be equipped with the skills needed to facilitate breakthrough experiences. We will help you build a business plan to distinguish yourself as a Masterful Breath Coach, and reach your desired clients. You’ll learn to enhance your coaching sessions with intense breathwork, live music and microdosing. The live retreat is combined with a small online mastermind group with fellow students and access to a new database of lectures. After successful completion, you will receive the official certificate of “Masterful Breath Coach” and be featured on our website as one of our official coaches and get referrals through us.

Level 1:
Breathwork Biohacker

100% online

Dive deep into the theory and practice of conscious breathing with the Biohacker Perspective.

✔️ 15 hours of full HD lectures
✔️ 20 breathing techniques explained
✔️ Lifestyle optimisation principles
✔️ Physiology & biochemistry
✔️ Anatomy & mechanics
✔️ Practical application to life

Level 2:
Breathwork pro

Certificate – 5 day retreat

A transformational experience with a close tribe of like-minded people. Professional application of all the principles.

✔️ Hands-on experience
✔️ Lung dissection practicum
✔️ Psilocybin microdosing
✔️ Deep guided breath journeys
✔️ Bodywork modalities
✔️ 5 days all-inclusive stay

Level 3:
Masterful breathcoach

Certificate – 5 day retreat

The ultimate coaching skills upgrade. Full empowerment for your new life as a certified breath coach equipped with a kick-ass business plan.

✔️ Cutting-edge coaching techniques
✔️ Facilitate breakthrough sessions
✔️ Use microdosing and live music
✔️ Build a winning business plan
✔️ Be featured on our website
✔️ Get certified as a “Masterful Breath Coach”

Kasper van der Meulen

“The Breathwork Biohacker” will be your teacher

My work is devoted to teaching the core principles at the source, without getting lost in the details of methods, techniques and protocols. To lift the veil and fade the boundaries, and to connect the dots between ancient practice, modern science, human performance, personal healing and expanding consciousness. 

Over the past decade I’ve explored and experimented with every human optimization technique I could find. I’ve been honoured to work closely with some of the key influencers in this new wave of modern, science-based breathing. I’ve been fortunate to learn from experts, scientists, doctors, and teachers from many disciplines about how breathwork relates to wellness, consciousness, performance, and human optimization. I’ve also applied these principles to thousands of humans, by teaching large groups, and by working in a close 1-1 setting with elite performers, special operators, top athletes, and the likes.

“Master” is not a definite state we can attain, it is a path we can follow. One of continuous questioning, deeper understanding and masterful application of knowledge and skill. I am certainly no master, for the more I learn, the more I realise how much there is to know, and how far I still have to go. I have dedicated my life to that process.

I am a teacher, and I want to share my experience with people that can truly use it. This is not a quick-certificate weekend, or a pre-defined linear course, this is a deep dive into a creative process of self-development as a human, as a coach, as a breather.

THE mission

We’re out to change the world


For many years, breathwork was either a medical intervention that was only used by people with respiratory ailments, or a spiritual practice that was often seen as vague and woo by the western world. But now we live in a time where science and spirituality can walk hand in hand to empower our modern lives. It is our mission to respect and explore the depths of the spiritual practice, while explaining, clarifying and demystifying this practice with modern western language .


Every day countless people realise that conscious breathing is one
of the most powerful remedies for our modern challenges. Every single breath allows an individual to change their state, and face the world as a more prepared human.
At Breathwork Masterclass, we are dedicated to empower as many people as possible to become more self aware, to take charge of their nervous system and to be more equipped
to live a life of health and purpose. Because through each person that becomes self-empowered, the world becomes a better place.


The more you understand biology, the more you see that it is all connected. With every breath we take we exchange billions of particles with our outside environment. Breathwork – and health as a whole – is completely dependent on the health of our environment. Every single bit of oxygen that our cells use to produce every single bit of our life energy, was made by plants. Mainly plants in the rainforests and plants in the ocean (plankton). It is an integral part of our mission to help save, preserve and restore these most valuable natural resources. We donate to Ocean Cleanup, AmazonWatch and OneTree Planted and organise raffles to raise money for other charities.