So you want to become an affiliate? Cool!

let’s do this, shall we?

You applied to be an affiliate of the Breathwork Masterclass. Thank you for playing your part in spreading the Breathwork gospel!

Discount and commission.
You can choose your own discount code, which your client will use during checkout.
Your client will get 15% discount and you will get 15% commission.
If you reached the € 100,- at the end of the month we do a payout.
Two options for the payout:
  1. We pay via Paypal (you receive – 2,5% for the Paypal costs)
  2. We’ll send you an update with the amount and we pay by bank transfe


How does IT work? 3 simple steps

  1. Sign up trough the form >
  2. We will check all the details and validate your account
  3. Once everything is checked we will update you when the code is ready to use
    (this process usually takes about 3-5 working days)
For now the affiliate option only applies to the Breathwork Biohacker Online course.