Begeleide Ademsessie

Are you excited about Breathwork?

Our full-scale Online Breathwork Masterclass will teach you key principles to optimise your life through the skill of breathing. After this you will be able to understand and apply any breathing technique or method out there, and know how to access desired state through conscious breathing.

Improved sleep, support immunity, release stress, enhance athletic performance, empower leadership, burn fat, strengthen focus… all of these and many more are just a few breaths away.

The course  is packed with science, theory, and application. It’s a great fit for anyone who is serious about mastering their breath. Both for personal practitioners and coaching professionals who want to expand their toolkit and deepen their understanding and teaching.

Beyond breath, you will learn to look at health and well-being from an all-inclusive biohacker perspective that will help you self-experiment, self-actualize and self-quantify real life results. Not only is this a powerful stand-alone course, it’s also the prerequisite for joining our Level 2 Certification.