Science-based lectures

Longer breathwork journeys

Bodywork for free breathing

Science-based lectures

Longer breathwork journeys

Bodywork for free breathing

Your next step in mastering your life through your breath.

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Hack your state


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  • 3 powerful 20-30m Biohacking lectures
  • 4 guided deep 20-30m journeys with direct result
  • Science-based, explained in plain English
  • Immediately applicable to your daily life
  • Guided with handpan music and animations

If you’re REALLY excited about breathwork…
why not dive deeper?

In the Hack Your State DEEP DIVE we will uncover more layers of physiology, biochemistry and breathing philosophy that will give you more freedom to find your own ideal practice. 

It features 7 videos of 20-30 minutes each that will deepen your understanding and expand your experience. 

The lectures will help you understand your body at a completely new level and see how every breath is connected with all of life from the cellular level to your daily habits and beyond. 

With this deeper understanding your body awareness will grow so that you can journey deeper within.  

The 4 deep breathing journeys will take you into the incredible landscape of your mind, body and emotions and allow for profound insight, emotional release, biochemical optimization, and better breathing mechanics.

       This is what you will get: 😄


powerful Biohacking LECTURES

You will get access to 3 elaborate Biohacking lectures of 20-30 minutes in which you will be taught the essentials of enhancing your life with breath, hacking your biochemistry for optimal energy and how to take charge of your nervous system.


guided breathing JOURNEYS

Enjoy the 4 guided breathing journeys of 20-25 minutes each in which you will be guided with handpan music, voice and animation. They will take you into the incredible landscape of your mind, body and emotions. 




    3 powerful Biohacking lEctures

    LECTURE 1: Enhancing Life With Breath – Principles and Philosophy

    In this Deep Dive lecture dive you will learn:

    • How breath is related to everything in life, at the deepest possible level 
    • The “Source” perspective of breathing practice that leads to true mastery
    • How every breathing technique can be explained with the same core principles
    • How to free yourself from the chaos of methods, techniques and protocols
    • The biohacker perspective as a practical philosophy for self-optimization
    • How to connect experience and knowledge, science and spirituality
    • How to view yourself as a system that can be optimized with practice
    • The simple systematic model of life that gives clarity on your practice

    LECTURE  2: Hacking your biochemistry for optimal energy

    This is a big one! After watching this 30 minute lecture you will understand:

    • Which chemicals play an essential role in your life energy
    • How you can influence this chemistry with conscious breathing 
    • The core functions of oxygen, nitric oxide and carbon dioxide in our body
    • How you may be messing up your biochemistry with your breathing
    • How the dance between oxygen and carbon dioxide creates your life
    • Why every nasal breath is superior to every mouth breath
    • What happens between every inhale and exhale you take
    • How your body produces energy on a cellular level 
    • How to use hypoxic training for enhanced energy 
    • How to enhance CO2 tolerance for more resilience

    LECTURE  3: How to Take Charge of your Autopilot Nervous System

    With this lecture you’ll dive into a practical view of the nervous system and learn:

    • Why most of your life runs on autopilot
    • Why breath is the most effective tool to hack into the autopilot
    • The difference between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
    • How the body creates stress and why stress can be a good thing
    • How each breath influences your autonomic nervous system
    • The different “inbreathients” that you can use to change your states
    • A simple and practical way to be in control of your daily energy
    • How we can access states of mindfulness, presence and flow
    • How different breathing styles influence different states of being


    4 Guided Breathing JOURNEYS 

    JOURNEY  1: Oxygen Optimizer – Deep breathing with hypoxic training

    Go on a journey in which you are guided to deepen your breath. To feel your body tremble and tingle with fresh energy, where you can feel the flow of new sensations through your body. This practice combines deep, rhythmical breathing with phases of non-breathing where your body gets a biochemical reset at a cellular level, while your mind relaxes into quietness. 

      journey  2: Loving Your Body – Tissue release, self massage and enhanced mechanics

      Breath is the most basic movement, and you’re doing this movement 20000 times per day. Imagine what would happen to your freedom of breath and your energy levels if you would improve each and every one of those 20000 movements. In this session you will give some much deserved love to your body by releasing tension, engaging the correct breathing muscles, stretching your lung capacity and enjoying a wonderful self-massage. 

        Journey 3: Emptying The Mind – Stress release and deep relaxation with chanting

        All the ancient breath practices and modern scientific insights agree on at least one aspect of breathwork: mastering your exhale is the cornerstone of breathwork, and the pathway to true relaxation. In this journey you are guided to a deep state of mental calm, and a warm sense of feeling at home in your body through a masterful exhale and a gentle chanting / humming practice.

          journey 4: Volumes of Release – Let go of stuck emotions and drift into sleep

          Drift away in the hypnotic resonance of rhythmical breathing while you experience varying depths of breath and how they change your state. The deeper breaths will allow you to release tension, stuck emotions and anything else that is in the way of your inner peace. The minimal depths of breath will help you feel deeply into your body and find new levels of calm and relaxation.

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            Kasper van der meulen

            is your guide on this journey!

            Over the past 8 years I’ve explored and experimented with every human optimization technique I could find.

            I’ve been honoured to work closely with – and learn from – some of the key influencers in this new wave of modern, science-based breathing. I’ve been fortunate to learn from experts, scientists, doctors, yogis, shamans, therapists and teachers from many disciplines about how breathwork relates to wellness, consciousness, trauma, performance, and human optimization. Furthermore, I’ve had the opportunity to apply these principles to thousands of humans, by teaching large groups, hosting deep dive retreats and by working in a close 1-1 setting with elite performers, special operators, top athletes, and the likes.

            With “Hack Your State” I have boiled down  all my knowledge and experience into a mini-masterclass that you can start using immediately to shift your state and simply have a better day.


            “Kasper is among the absolute best in the world of conscious breathwork.

            This is your chance to learn from him”

            ~ Wiggert Meerman


            Emily Fletcher

            Emily Fletcher

            Ziva Meditation - leading meditation expert.

            Kaspers’ ability to communicate a large amount of complex knowledge in a short period of time is stellar. I highly recommend working with him!

            Tom Shields

            Tom Shields

            Pro Athlete. Olympic Gold Medalist Rio 2016

            The truly great thing about learning from Kasper is the effectiveness of his explanation and teaching. He lifts the curtain of the science so simply and understandably.

            Charlie Winston

            Charlie Winston

            Nr 1 Hit Recording and Performing Artist

            Kasper is pragmatic, yet playful, serious, yet childlike, well informed yet not fixed in his thoughts. And he understands that being a teacher is being a student, which is why his passion in teaching really shines.

            Brian Mackenzie

            Brian Mackenzie

            World Class Elite Performance and Breathing Expert

            I have met no teacher to date who has grasped the concept of education better than he has. His work will get you to your own personal place of empowerment and creativity.

            Let’s review!

            the mini-masterclass is

            Powerful and deep

            No time or inclination to watch hours of online videos? I get that! We will dive in straight-away so that you can experience what it does for you, and immediately improve your day. 

            Simple and entertaining

            The principles are concisely explained using our innovative online whiteboard technique. This will make you understand the deeper mechanism of breathing and self-optimization without hassle.

            Step-by-step guidance

            Wear your headphones, close your eyes and let the handpan take you on a mini journey through your body. Do you prefer visual guidance? Use the guided animation to easily follow along.


            Our online learning environment is accessible from any device so that you can quickly and easily do your breathing exercises anywhere and shift your state of being. 


            ÁND (TEMPORARILY) with 50% discount


            Hack your state
            DEEP DIVE


            Now instead of €199
            only: €99

            That gives you 50% discount!

            Only 21% VAT is added

            • 3 powerful Biohacking lectures
            • 4 guided deep journeys with direct result
            • Science-based, explained in plain English
            • Immediately applicable to your daily life
            • Guided with handpan music and animations


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            What can I expect after buying the mini-masterclass?

            After you have paid and created your account, you will receive an email from us within 15 minutes that your mini-masterclass is waiting for you. Log in and breathe!

            How long will I have access to this course?

            You have access to this course for 12 months.

            I don't have time right now, can I do the course later?

            For sure! After you buy the course you will have 12 months of unlimited access to the material that you can watch in your own time.

            Can everyone do this course?

            The breathing exercises in this course are completely safe provided you are in good health and you apply them correctly. If you have any medical conditions, and specifically if you are familiar with any of the health conditions listed below, consult your physician before doing any of these techniques. Pregnancy, epilepsy or history of seizures, cardiovascular conditions, Severe respiratory issues like COPD or severe asthma, high blood pressure, severe PTSD or trauma.

            In what language do you offer the course?

            This course is available in both English and Dutch. When you buy one of the languages, you will automatically get access to the other language. If you get the wrong language displayed after logging in, simply choose the other language with the button.

            Why is VAT still added?

            Because we offer the course in 2 languages and the VAT amount differs among countries, we only add the VAT upon payment. This provides 1 clear basic price and VAT is added in accordance with the specific national guidelines.

            What if I don’t like the course or it doesn’t work for me?

            Send us an email and we will give you a refund.