5 day breathwork intensive, nervous system balancing and masterminding breathwork innovations.

@ New Eden, Hemrik, The Netherlands


24 – 28 March 2021  
just a few spots available


Motivations – The path of mastery

Over the past half decade I’ve explored and experimented with every breathing technique I could find. I’ve been honoured to work closely with some of the key influencers in this new movement of modern, science based breathing. I’ve been fortunate to learn from experts, scientists, doctors and teachers from many disciplines about how breathwork relates to health, performance and general well-being.

Simultaneously, I’ve had the opportunity to apply these learnings to thousands of humans. By teaching breathwork in group settings, and by working in a close 1-1 setting with elite performers, special operators, top athletes and the likes. I’ve tinkered with and experimented on all these people, with the aim of helping them move forward while simultaneously honing my craft and innovating my skillset through each and every one of them. 

Through all my experience, it has been my mission to lift the vail and fade the boundaries between techniques…and instead to connect the dots between ancient practice, modern science, human performance, personal healing and expanding consciousness.

My work is devoted to understanding the core principles at the foundation, and to share them with you. So that we can create a communal understanding and raise it even further. 

A “Masterclass” is not about becoming a master, but about cultivating mastery: a continuous path of deeper questioning, understanding and masterful application of that knowledge. 

I am no master, but I am a teacher at heart I want to share experience with people that can truly use it. This is not my own method or technique or brand. This is not meant to replace or compete with any breathing program out there. This is not a quick-certificate weekend, or a pre-defined linear course, this is diving deep into a creative process of self development as a human, as a coach, as a breather.

So by popular demand I’ve crafted this program of 5 full-on intense days of learning, teaching experimenting and and masterminding with likeminded people. To openly share what I have learned, with people that resonate with it.

I will take you through a process of building clients up from the core by doing breathing assessments, applying breathing physiology to specified goals, tailor-making breathing protocols for individuals, wilfully regulating states of consciousness and restoring breathing functions through some surprising and weirdly effective techniques.

I’ll also share what I’ve learned about doing breathwork with groups, guiding breakthrough interventions for personal healing, and building a flourishing business on breathwork. We’ll play, share, tinker, experiment and use some outside-the-box learning methods.

Our Alumni are a close tribe of “outliers” from 9 different countries and include: breathing coaches, yoga teachers, medical doctors, osteopaths, physical therapists, performance coaches, fitness trainers, life coaches, spiritual teachers, biohackers, corporate leaders and excentric breath enthusiasts.

Some come to this course with 20 years of breathwork experience, others come with nothing more than a newfound puppylove for breathwork. The one thing that ties us together – and the only pre-requisite to joining – is enthusiasm, openmindedness and a willingness to question everything.


Learning / teaching strategies

We use many innovative teaching / learning strategies and brainhacks ensure a deep learning / transforming experience. It will be submersive, experiential and many times confronting on a personal level. Life happens now, breath happens now, pay attention, you may miss it. 

Educational tools include:

  • Access to a massive online video-database with 12 hours of theory lectures
  • Assessment on self and others
  • Hands-on biology lab class with microscopes and scalpels
  • Fluid note-taking on a collective mindmap
  • Writing our own course guide as the course develops
  • Journaling exercises to consolidate your progress
  • Guided meditations to physically store memories
  • Sharing circles to go beyond the cognitive layer
  • Strategic use of psylocibin microdosing and nootropic supplements (optional)


Each morning we’ll start with diving into our own process by doing some deep breathwork. You will be invited and guided to really explore the depths of your mind, body and soul and enter altered states through different breathing and movement styles.


Every breathing technique or method that was ever invented or described – no matter how different they may seem – works on the same core principles of physiology, anatomy, biochemistry and energy. In this course we focus on that source of key principles, because once you can grasp those, all the specifics will become evident.


1: Theory and functional breathing

We all come from different backgrounds and areas of expertise, so it’s important to level the playing field so we’re all on the same page. We will focus on the fundamental principles of breathwork that explain how breathing works across the board. After this you should be able to understand and explain any breathwork technique or method out there. Not used to studying scientific principles? Don’t worry! As a trained school biology teacher I will make the nerdy stuff as fun and lively as possible and my goal is to make you fall in love with the magic of science.

The theory part includes:

  • Understanding breathing physiology
  • Biochemical functions of O2, CO2, NO and Hemoglobin
  • Optimising metabolic processes (mitochondria, energy, etc)
  • Applying hormesis and homeostatic regulation
  • The applied philosophy of biohacking
  • Anatomy and mechanics of respiratory system
  • Balancing the nervous system
  • Workings of breath holding, superventilation and minimal breathing
  • Exploring key breathing “knobs and levers” and how mind and body respond to changes in breathing
  • Timed breathing patterns to trigger specific states
  • Cyclic and strategic breathing patterns for athletic performance (strength / endurance / body awareness)
  • Understanding interactions between breathing behaviour and lifestyle issues like sleep, snoring, pain, digestion, libido etc.
  • Dissecting, touching, exploring and studying actual (animal) lungs, hearts, arteries, intercostals. 



2: Conducting a breathing assessment and creating personalised breathing plans

The breathing assessment is a deep coaching session to help determine the default setting of the clients’ nervous system, and what is needed to restore breathing function. You’ll learn how to tie in breathing behaviour with other life behaviour and lifestyle factors like sleep, digestion, mental calm, stress behaviour and fight/flight strategies. With enough practice you’ll be able to know a lot about a person by watching them breathe for just 1 minute and take them to the next level in their personal performance.

This part includes:

• Determining breathing deficiencies in clients
• “reading” the nervous system through breathing functions
• Making a “nervous system map” with clients to determine “low hanging fruit”
• Bodywork interventions to improve breathing mechanics
• Restoring regenerative nervous system functions through breathing
• Breathing interventions for therapeutic purposes / emotional states
• Helping clients implement breathing interventions in daily lifestyle
• How to tailor make breathing protocols for individuals
• Goal-based breathing interventions for
• focus
• social engagement
• energy
• sleep
• digestion
• sports recovery
• performance
• productivity



3: Breakthrough breathwork

We’ll look at the key elements that trigger altered states and especially the states that allow for breakthrough insights and emotional processing. We’ll look at how to trigger someone into a coachable state, determine their limiting patterns and help them effectively process what has been triggered.

This part includes:

  • Understanding emotional / physical releases
  • Helping people breathe through mental blockages and shift their awareness
  • Using mental releasing and emotional processing techniques to work with what comes up in a breathing session
  • Creating a safe “set and setting” for deep inner work
  • Using chanting styles and movement triggers to go deeper
  • Understanding why psychedelic / transcendent experiences may occur and how we may facillitate these experiences safely



4: Building a coaching business on breathwork

(or integrate breath into an existing coaching business)

Not everyone who comes to this course is or wants to specifically become a breathing coach. Some people want to integrate it in their existing coaching or therapy practice. Others just want to know everything for their own practice. Either way the breath market is growing fast and undertanding how to effectively communicate about breathing will allow this powerful work to spread. You hold a tool that can be of service to countless people. Once you have an amazing skillset as a coach, marketing and selling your service to people who need it is not only a necessity, but also a responsibility.

This part includes

  • Strategising an offering of teaching / coaching services
  • Creating “high status” communication that draws people in
  • Using social media to get your message across
  • Getting reviews and referrals
  • Marketing and selling with integrity and love




Fill in the application form below, I will personally evaluate your application and respond within 2 days.

After admission you will receive an elaborate preparation document with information regarding communications, payment, booking accommodation and “homework”. You will also receive an invoice with payment link. If you can not pay in full upon admission, just let us know and we can work with a deposit.

After payment you will get your login for our online lecture database that holds over 10 hours of in-depth content on all things theory, philosophy and practice in relation to breathwork. You will also be added to a Telegram group where you can connect with fellow participants and ask questions. Your access to the lectures is included for at least 1 year.

5 days of deep learning, connecting and masterminding! People fly in from all over the world to join this masterclass. We have upgraded the masterclass with an all-inclusive stay in a luxury villa in the north of Utrecht. Accommodation is based on 3-5 people per room. We will start the morning with a simple smoothie or cacao, followed by deep breathwork. The first big meal will be brunch around noon and we will have fresh organic dinner together in the evening. Some afternoons will be spent in our own gym “Move Lift Act Breathe” in the south of Utrecht.



    Location:  New Eden, Hemrik, The Netherlands

    Course start / Arrive before: Wednesday 09:00 am.

    Course end / Depart after: Sunday 16:00 (4pm).

    Included: all of the above, all meals, accommodation, drinks & snacks, cacao and psylocibin truffles.

    Excluded: Travel

    Total price is €2500 (Ex. 21% btw/vat)

    Our policy with regards to Covid 19 measures

    In order to make sure that we are able to adhere to all the current guidelines in relation to Covid 19, we have made some adaptations to the program and the setup. Here’s the main points: 

    • All the sleeping quarters have been adapted to be able to have 1,5 meters distance between the pillows. 
    • The working space where we will do most of the content and breathwork has a high ceiling and large windows that we will open up to ventilate the space. We can adequately keep 1,5 meters distance between every participant. 
    • Close to the actual date, you will receive one more email with details in which you will also be asked to fill in a questionnaire about your current health and possible infection risks regarding the Corona virus. You are only allowed to join if you are in good health and have none of the symptoms of the virus.


    All of that said: we are with 15 healthy people in one building and it is each of our personal responsibility to adhere to the safety measures in order to make sure everyone is and feels safe. My team and I will facilitate the ability to adhere to the guidelines in every possible way, but we are in no position to “police” these rules. Realistically, there may be scenarios where complete distancing is not upheld, it is again each of our responsibility to remove ourselves from situations we are uncomfortable with.