Become a Certified Masterful BreathCoach in 5 days

The final step to elite coaching

As a Masterful BreathCoach, you will be…


No matter how the world changes or what the latest trend is. You will be equipped to thrive in content, skills and business.


Instead of keeping up with the latest, you will create it. Effortlessly evolving to serve your audience and clients optimally.


Most coaches just try stuff and hope it works out. Mastery brings the precision that can get direct results for you and your clients. 

Catch a glimpse

of the adventures and vibes of the 5-day event

Elevate beyond the standard

 For many of our alumni, a whole new world opens up to them after the Level 1 and 2 masterclass, and they desire to evolve to a level of coaching that is far beyond the standard in the market. This is what our Level 3 program is built for. 

We will help you build a kick-ass business plan to distinguish yourself as a Masterful BreathCoach, find your niche and double your revenue. You’ll learn to enhance your coaching sessions with biohacking quantification tools, intense breathwork, live music and microdosing. The live retreat is combined with a small online mastermind group with fellow students and access to a new database of lectures. After successful completion, you will receive the official certificate of “Masterful Breath Coach” and be featured on our website as one of our official coaches and get referrals through us.


Deep Dive Practice & Case Studies

There will be a big focus on your individual coaching skills and you will have ample opportunity to practice and get feedback on your coaching qualities. This again will not be a set of standardised practices that you need to tick off to allow your certificate.

This will be about what YOU need to be more competent and confident in being the kind of coach YOU want to be. Whether you want to focus on athletic performance, psychedelic sessions, emotional processing, technical respiratory improvement, recovery or just artful breathing magic. 

Learning the theory and application is one part, but excellence in coaching lays the deeper knowing and the finer touch of what your clients need. This is what we call the “X-ray goggles” of coaching, where you look at a person breathe for a minute, and you simply know where to start.

In preparation of this retreat we ask you to do coaching sessions with at least 4 different individuals, and to present 1 of these as a case study during the retreat. 

 This part will greatly deepen and elaborate your understanding of

  • How to build a custom breathwork coaching program for each client
  • How to structure a breathing session for optimal results
  • Combining bodywork and breathwork into powerful healing sessions
  • Enhancing your sessions with live music and rhythm (yes you will learn to play music!)
  • Teaching group sessions for different audiences (small group / corporate / performance etc.)
  • Ways to guide clients through emotional/trauma releases through guided meditation
  • Using Psychedelic Microdosing as a coaching tool to enhance your clients’ growth


The breath market is growing fast and understanding how to effectively communicate about breathing will allow this powerful work to spread. You hold a tool that can be of service to countless people. Once you have this amazing skillset as a coach, marketing and selling your service to people who need it is not only a necessity, it is a responsibility.

We will teach you a proven business model that builds on the following factors:

😌 Purpose: 
The feeling that your life is happening in service to something far greater than just you. 

❤️ Passion: 
The fire in your belly, the focus of your mind, the natural flow of your energy towards what matters to you. 

⚡️ Competence: 
The combination of your skills, qualities, experiences and your life’s story make up your unique offering. 

And last but not least…

💵 Profit: 
being entrepreneurial as a coaching professional is NOT about using sleazy internet marketing to suck money out of people that need help. It is artfully aligning your Purpose, Passion and Competence into an offering that is naturally attractive to your ideal audience. 

Who is your ideal audience? It’s the people to whom you can be of optimal service, and that you LOVE to work with. Imagine only working with those people, and getting paid well for it. 

This part includes:

  • Strategising an offering of teaching / coaching services
  • Creating “high status” communication that attracts your ideal clients
  • Using social media to get your message across in your voice
  • Getting reviews and referrals for an endless stream of clients
  • Marketing and selling with integrity and love

You will leave the retreat with a clear and simple business plan that is ready to rock!

Who is level 3 for?

👨🏻‍🏫 Level 1 & 2 Alumni who want to go above and beyond
Our 3-level curriculum is meant to serve everyone at their desired level. Most people entering level 1 and 2 will not move on to Level 3. Many of them simply find what they need in the first 2 levels in order to coach and work in the way that suits them. However, if you:

  • feel at home in our tribe and our style of education…
  • have a vision for spreading breathwork far and wide…
  • are willing to stretch and grow to a new version of yourself…
  • desire to walk a path of mastery in coaching and teaching…
  • want to build a thriving business while serving the world…

Then level 3 is for you!


What you will get:

5 days all inclusive

People fly in from all over the world to join this masterclass. We offer an all-inclusive stay at the beautiful New Eden retreat center in the north of the Netherlands (1,5 hrs from amsterdam). Accommodation is based on 3-5 people per room, each room has a bathroom with a shower.

We will start the morning with a ceremonial cacao, and a simple snack, followed by deep breathwork. The first big meal will be brunch around noon and we will have fresh organic dinner together in the evening. The center offers two large working spaces, perfectly equipped for breathwork, meditation and inner growth. It is surrounded by nature and features a wonderfully large living room with a fireplace for relaxed evenings and good old Dutch “gezelligheid”.


Upon successful completion of this 5-day event, presenting your case study and business plan, and passing our assessment, you will receive a certificate titled “Masterful Breathcoach”. This confirms your completion of this course, showing that you have developed excellence in breath coaching.

As a certified Masterful Breathcoach, you will be added to our website so that our audience will be able to find your services. You will be featured on our coaches page with an interview and professional picture and we will refer any clients or coaching requests and bookings in your area directly to you. 




 After the 5 day event, you will enter a small accountability group that has a bi-weekly (online) meetup for 3 months. In this group, you will report on progress in building out your business model, and support each other in discussing case studies. 

Alongside this, you will have access to 3 monthly Q&A calls with Kasper and the Level 3 alumni where you can ask specific questions and get extra guidance on integrating all the materials into your life and business. 

You will receive access to the Level 3 online lecture series with specific materials for this course (on top of your Level 1 and 2 videos).




Please fill out the application for the desired date that you would like to join. Please note that it’s only possible to apply if you’ve already purchased our Level 1 and 2 training. Upon admission, you will receive a link where you can choose between payment in full or a 20% deposit to secure your spot.

Full price: €2697

Excluding: 21% VAT, travel to accommodation. Including: All course materials, all-inclusive 5-day stay with all organic meals.

Available dates: 
April 12-16  (FULLY BOOKED) 
November 29 – December 3  2023
May 15-19 2024

November 27 – December 1 2024

Take their word for it – they know what they are talking about

The Breathwork Masterclass was an amazing experience. Knowledge bombs all over the place, combined with a great diversity of breathing sessions. If you think you know a lot about breathing, think again! Plus getting a 3D experience with actual lungs makes it so much more understandable. If I would get the chance, I’d do the entire masterclass again!


Stress- & burnout coach, Breathwork Instructor
Leiden, the Netherlands

I was searching for a unique experience, and I was not disappointed. Kasper gave us Homework to get well prepared and come with a knowledge base that allowed the group to move forward faster. What I liked a lot is that, every student was already very high level, and we could really learn from each other. The theory was always followed by practical session that helped us to really feel by ourself the principles. Always very interactive. Kasper has a really nice way of teaching that goes with the flow. The long group breathing sessions led by the rhythm of the hang pan were unforgetable. The students from around te world created solid bounds and we keep on sharing ideas through technology and follow up calls. The MLAB facilty and family is amazing , and the Dutch culture is one of my favorite. plus, you can sharpen your mind with plant medicine legally. One of my best learning experience so far.

Jean-Nicolas Sandermans

Breathing coach

My experience at the Breathwork Masterclass was extraordinary. I have truly deepened my understanding of the mechanics of breathing and how we can influence our bodies by becoming more aware of our own breathing. I recommend this course to anyone who are curious about the science of breathing and want to experience their own breath as their most accessible tool.

Sara Johansson

Breathing Coach
RAW Breath

The Masterclass is a deep dive into breathwork and biohacking. It provides a new perspective on human health and performance and shows how breathwork can positively and easily impact the two. Kasper is a master teacher and knows perfectly how to blend theory and practice with passion. Definitely a breakthrough for any one who is interested in breathwork mastery.

Stéphane Janssoone

Breathwork Instructor
Annecy, France

Kasper’s masterclass is a short cut to the essence of breathing. Combining theoretical science and practical self experiment, you’ll understand (and feel) the principles behind every breathing technique. If you’re like me and have been looking everywhere, no need to search any longer, do yourself a favor and dive directly to the core. You’ll get the most useful and in-depth content on the subject. On top of that Kasper is a highly skilled teacher and a sensible human being worth knowing. Warmly recommended!

Julien Bouille

Breathwork Instructor
French, Berlin Based

From a full download of principles, theory, and science to the hands-on experiential aspects within the group dynamic and beyond, there isn’t anything this masterclass is missing. Kasper pours on the breathwork knowledge, then integrates it through actual practices and even takes it a step further by taking it into the lab to see it all in action with a full dissection of the lungs, heart, and more. Name another course where you get to do that? I don’t think there is one. In addition, Kasper creates a learning environment that is so fun and opens up deep levels of connection, sharing, and group intimacy that cannot be forced yet comes so naturally.

Kris Zwemmer

Human Movement Teacher at a University
The Netherlands

The Breathwork Masterclass has been transformative in many ways, both on a physical, emotional, mental as well as a spiritual level. Yes we learned, yes we experienced, but it was so much more than ‘just a masterclass’. It was a journey, a profound upgrade of both my breathing & body knowledge, as well as an upgrade of life in general. It has left me with many new insights, thoughts, feelings, perspectives and inspiration. Kasper is a great teacher, filled with amazingly valuable knowledge and lots of silly jokes, he’s a walking encyclopedia as it comes to the breath, the nervous system and optimizing your human experience in this world.

Nikki van der Velden

Breathing Coach
The Breathwork Movement
Amsterdam, NL

From a full download of principles, theory, and science to the hands-on experiential aspects within the group dynamic and beyond, there isn’t anything this masterclass is missing. Kasper pours on the breathwork knowledge, then integrates it through actual practices and even takes it a step further by taking it into the lab to see it all in action with a full dissection of the lungs, heart, and more. Name another course where you get to do that? I don’t think there is one. In addition, Kasper creates a learning environment that is so fun and opens up deep levels of connection, sharing, and group intimacy that cannot be forced yet comes so naturally.

Reis Paluso

Breathing Coach
Our Breath Collective
California, USA

No words can describe my experience of this week. No methods but real explanation. Highly recommended! ❤️

Maaike Oosterveer

Voorschoten, the Netherlands

What I’ve learned most in this masterclass is that there is alway so much more to discover about breathing. But the best way is to dive in, experience and practice for yourself. Exactly what this masterclass is all about.

Luc Beerens

Breathwork coach / Coldtherapy coach
Vuur & IJs
Gouda, the Netherlands