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Hi there, happy 2021 y’all! 2020 has been a tough ride for many of us, for me as well! All the securities and goals I had for the year were very quickly thrown out the window.
With all my events cancelled and for the first time in years not being able to do my best work by speaking to live audiences all over the world I’ve been questioning one main thing.
It’s also a question I’ve been getting a lot and that is: how do we, in the midst of unpredictable circumstances and world events, come to ourselves and find our own truth? How do we start to really influence our life and take back control over our mind? 

In this video I share with you 5 ways how you can really get in to this. But first of all, we will start the year of with a nice breathing session. Follow along!


hello friends happy new year

in this video i want to share with you

five steps

to becoming more free your thinking to

becoming less worried about the external


and to start building the life and start

building the world and the future

that you really want to live in because

the main thing

i’ve been questioning and the main

question i’ve been getting in the last

year is

how do we in the midst of unpredictable

circumstances world events political


untrustworthy opinions from all kinds of

different sources

how do we come to ourself how do we find

our own truth

and how do we start to really influence

our life and take back control over our


over our ways of being over our behavior

and in this video i want to share some

of that with you and it’s going to start


the breath of course and

what i’d like to share with you is this

little breathing pattern that i like to

use to disrupt my mental patterns

and to come back to that self-awareness

and that place where i can really

decide what i do with my mind and it’s a

breathing pattern that starts with

three nasal inhales and on the fourth

count we have a mouth inhale

and then we have an eight count exhale

it’s very simple we’re going to count on

the drum here and it’s going to be

like i said three counts nasal in fourth

count mouth in

eight counts mouth out it looks like


all right so breathe in



and again in

and out


and in

and out


and in

and out


go back to your normal breathing so

that’s just not even a minute of breath

work right

and it really helps you to disrupt your

state so the first

step into becoming more free in your

mind and becoming more capable

of directing your attention in these

trying times

is to disconnect from whatever is

external because all of these opinions

and media outings and articles and

you know and these events they are all

external and

generally we suffer when the external

circumstances overpower

our our ability but also our

perception of what we can actually do in

relation to these things

so as soon as we are stuck in a mental

thought pattern

when we’re worrying when we’re anxious

or just thinking about something


it is pretty clear that we are focused

on external things and we’re very much

in our head

and we’re not very grounded and

connected to

our body and to our heart and to what is

most important

to us and this is really what causes the

mental chaos now

breathing is the ultimate way to disrupt

a mental pattern especially if you’re

stuck in a mental pattern

and this has to do with the fact that

you know your brain

creates breathing rhythms and this

mostly happens in the brainstem but

actually your entire brain collaborates

to create

the breathing rhythms that sustain our

life and we as humans of course have the

superpower of being able to

consciously control our breathing

pattern which means

that if we disrupt so change our

breathing pattern we can disrupt and


the way we think um and the the the

quality of our thoughts but especially

just disrupting whatever we’re in

whatever we’re thinking in that moment

and this breathing pattern um three

second nasal inhale and the fourth is a

mouth inhale which creates kind of like

a double inhale like a sire for leaf

right so that’s a great way to kind of

up charge your breath

snap out of it and then that length and

exhale for eight counts

is a stimulate your vagus nerve so this

is why it’s a parasympathetic dominant

breathing pattern

it stimulates your vagus nerve which

very simply means that

it calms you down it allows you to land

in the parasympathetic nervous system

right to calm down your heart rate

and that especially increases your

self-awareness as soon as you go

more into that calm parasympathetic

state your self-awareness

increases and that brings us to the

ability to do step two

and step two of this process is to

observe so once you become self-aware

you can actually observe and ask

yourself hey wait what is actually going

on inside of me

what are these thoughts you know why

have i been thinking about this

one particular political opinion of this

guy i met at

you know uh you know i’ve seen online

because we don’t meet people at parties

as well anymore you know

um or you know um

how am i constantly taking my attention

away from what i find important

and directing it towards this article

and that opinion and this social media

post and that politician

and um if we can observe these things

then so we become aware and then we

observe these things

and we can take a little bit of distance

from it then we can really start to


which of these things actually have to

do directly with

our in the moment experience so that’s

step three right so step one is

disruptive pattern with breath

step two is observe the thoughts and the

feelings and the ideas and everything

that’s going in your mind

with a little bit of distance and then

from that is step three is you can start

to dissect it

right so once you can observe it and

look at this whole landscape of thought

and feeling and confusion you’ll be like

okay let’s

let’s cut into this let’s what’s what

and i would suggest dividing it into two


within my zone of control or influence

or outside of my zone of control and


because once you know which of the

things you can actually control and

influence and which of the things you


then it becomes much easier to determine

where to take your action

because to be fair we don’t know what’s

going to happen

and nobody knows and there’s a lot of

people who are convinced that they know

what’s going to happen and that they

know how to solve the problem

whether they’re at the all the way at

the completely paranoid end of the


or all the way at the completely like

strict uh

end of the spectrum where you know it

doesn’t matter where

people are on the spectrum of of

believings what matters is that you get

to believe

what you need to believe and what serves

you and what is really true for you

and that means that you need to have

a zone of influence that you can see

that you can understand that you can

start to act on

because all of these opinions all of

these thoughts all of these ideas

all of these messages they are externals

and we do

not know and no matter how loud people

scream that they know exactly what’s

going on

and they know exactly what’s going to

happen the only thing that really is

important to ask yourself what is true

for me

and the only way to do that for me at

least is to ask

is it within my zone of influence can i

do something about it

and all of the other things that you

cannot do anything about and you have no

way of knowing what’s going to happen we

can’t predict them

we have to learn to let go the urge of

wanting to control them and it’s not

about letting them go and not being

updated or not caring about them anymore

but at least not letting them control

your life

because then you can actually start to

focus your actions and your thoughts and

your feelings within your zone of

influence which you can actually

do and that’s the fourth step is

determine a micro action within your

zone of influence

and it can be as simple as just to


it can be as simple as just four or five

times a day taking a minute or two to do

a breathing pattern like this

and just come to your breath and from

coming to your breath becoming more


being able to observe becoming more able

to dissect

what is in my zone of influence and what

is not and from there

make more compassionate choices that are

more within

you know your zone of influence that you


actually act upon now other actions that

you can take

there’s so many one thing that i for

example have found is i’ve

i’ve felt very concerned about the

environment recently i was walking the

streets and i was noticing

there was so much trash on the on on the


and all through the city and even in

nature when i go out and i realized that

a lot of people have started using

discardable things more because now

all of the restaurants are doing takeout

and people they you know they go for a

walk and they

take out coffee or they take out food

and they you know they wear disposable

masks and

that was it was just littered everywhere

and i feel like that

you know pollution especially plastic

pollution is a major issue that we’re

dealing with right now

and sure it’s far too big of a problem

for me that the you know there’s a

plastic soup that is destroying our


it’s outside of my zone of uh influence

but what i can actually do is i can take

an action within my zone of influence

and i decided to go plastic free

and instead of worrying about all the

political situations and all the stuff

out there in the world i’m going to be

like no

i make an impact i’m going to not buy

anything wrapped in plastic

and i’m going to start picking up trash

whenever i see it and every now and then

i go out and i pick trash up from the


it’s a very simple example but it gave

me such a tremendous sense of feeling

and a sense of self-regulation where i

was able to make an impact and to really

make a

a micro contribution to the macro

world the macro future that i want to

create because i want to create a future

where people are happy

and healthy and we live in a wonderful

clean on a wonderful clean planet

where we have clean air to breathe and

we you know we don’t get

um in into all of these health issues

that we’re seeing right now

and simply picking up trash to me was a

huge deal for that another thing you can

do if you’re healthy if you’re capable

why not help somebody else be healthy

and be capable right so somebody who is

more vulnerable

to any kind of illness or virus

why don’t you offer to go and help them

or to go for a walk with them

to take them on a run right there’s so

much that we can actually do but as soon

as you know

this is my zone of influence this is

what i can do then is step five

five you can share the love you can be

of service you can start to take that

wonderful feeling of freedom of i am

contributing i am doing something that

is worthwhile

i am doing something that is creating so

i’m doing a micro

micro movement that if i do it enough

times it will create this macro change

i can share that i can give that to

other people and

especially now that we’re isolated and

quarantined and locked down and people

aren’t mingling and meeting it’s less

obvious that we can actually interact

with people and we can give them

something and it’s less obvious that

the greatest gift that we have um

and that we can give to ourself is to

share the greatest gifts that we have

for ourselves right

so the greatest gift you could ever

receive is to share the greatest gift

that you’ve ever received

and the greatest gift that you’ve ever

received as far as i’m concerned as


is the ability to be self-aware right so

we can anchor our self-awareness and the

breath by disrupting our breathing


then we can observe the mental chaos

that is going on then we can dissect the

mental chaos into the categories

i can influence it or i can’t influence

it then we can decide a micro change a

micro action

that we can take within our zone of

influence and as soon as we’re doing it

we can share it with people around us

the people we love but also

complete strangers and it is really that

level at which i am

intending to move forward in the new


and i’ve realized that one thing you

know my my job is teaching

i’m always going to teach and no matter

whether i’m in front of an audience or

whether i’m in front of a camera

and i’m still in front of an audience of

course i mean a live audience or a


i’m just going to teach and this is

something that i’m going to be spending

most of my time on

uh in this year sitting in front of the

camera sharing my best thoughts

and trying to give as much of what i

think i know what i think might help

with the world if you would like to be

involved with that and be updated

on these videos that i’m going to do a

few times a week and they’re all going

to be about

positive change and about you know

self-care biohacking optimizing yourself

breath work about coaching skills then

please subscribe to the channel

because i would love to have you on

board for this journey and

we can make a better place together

better future um

i hope to see you in person very soon

sending you much love peace out


Written by Kasper

“The Breathwork Biohacker”

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