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solid foundation

With 15 hours of entertaining breath-nerd lectures you will finally really understand the theory of how breathwork works!



The biohacker perspective looks at all sides of the story. Optimisation, performance, and real-life applications.


and get a sneak preview of all the good stuff you’re about to dive into

It’s time for Breathtaking self-mastery 

Improve sleep, support immunity, release stress, enhance athletic performance, empower leadership, strengthen focus… all of these and many more are just a few breaths away. 

This full-scale Online Breathwork Masterclass will teach you key principles to optimise your life through the art of breathing. After this you will be able to understand and apply any breathing technique or method out there, and know how to access desired outcomes through conscious breathing.

The course  is packed with theory, and application. It’s a great fit for anyone who is serious about mastering their breath. Both for personal practitioners and coaching professionals who want to expand their toolkit and deepen their understanding and teaching.

Beyond breath, you will learn to look at health and well-being from an all-inclusive biohacker perspective that will help you self-experiment, self-actualize and self-quantify real life results. Not only is this a powerful stand-alone course, it’s also the prerequisite for joining our Level 2 Certification. 

Every. Single. Breath…

💆‍♀️ Massages each organ in your abdominal cavity through movement of the diaphragm.
🦠 Exchanges vital information between your environment and your immune system.
⚡️ Informs your nervous system on which functions to activate or suppress.
💡 Determines the quality of your thoughts, attention and actions.
💓 Is electrically wired through the heart to influence every beat.
✨ Sets the pace for how much calm and relaxation you experience.
🧬 Influences the level of metabolism in your mitochondria.
🧠 Pulses your brain and spinal fluid up and down.
🧘‍♀️ Is an opportunity to come back to your center.
🎤 Is a tool to express yourself authentically.
👑 Could be under your conscious control.

The biohacker perspective looks at the human experience from a systematic point of view. The way you feel, your level of energy, the quality of your thoughts, and anything you experience is shaped by the state of your biology.

The problem is that 95% of that biology works autonomically – beyond our conscious control.

And it just so happens that the breath is the ultimate doorway into our subconscious. It is the most important biological function we have. Don’t believe me? Try to do all those other important things while you hold your breath 😉

So in stead of getting caught up in the chaos of breathing techniques, methods and protocols that pop up everywhere, a Breathwork Biohacker studies the core principles of physiology, metabolism and the nervous system with the aim of finding hacks and shortcuts towards more awareness and better performance. To then create a targeted breathing intervention to see instant results.

And that’s exactly what this course is about!


a quick overview


You will be taken on an educational and experiential journey through all the layers of breath. You will learn to see the connectedness of breath with all of life, the full holistic view.

The lectures are entertaining, easy to understand, and directly applicable to daily life.

The practice videos will guide you through state-shifting, nourishing, mind-opening and sometimes challenging breathing techniques.

 You will get: 

  • 15 hours of full HD lectures
  • 20 guided breathing techniques
  • Lifestyle optimisation principles
  • Physiology & biochemistry
  • Anatomy & mechanics
  • Practical application to life
  • Unlimited acces
  • Access to any future updates
  • Access to exclusive Q&A sessions with Kasper
  • Certificate of completion “Breathwork Biohacker”
  • Ability to join our in-person Level 2 Certification: “Breathwork Profesional”






















Who is this masterclass for?

🧘‍♀️ Breathwork or Biohacking Enthusiasts

Personal practitioners who want to take their understanding and practice to the next level. Anyone interested in personal health/healing, (athletic) performance, lifestyle and self-mastery.

👨🏻‍🏫 Breathwork Coaches/Facilitators

Aspiring breath coaches/facilitators and breathing professionals who are looking for the next step in their mastery as a coach/facilitator (this course is the first step of our certification program). 

👩🏽‍⚕️ Coaching Professionals of All Kinds

Anyone who works with clients and wants to integrate breathwork into their service: fitness trainers, yoga teachers, physical therapists, doctors, psychologists, bodyworkers and coaches of all kinds.

Full course overview



The principles section explains the WHY and HOW of breathwork. A practical understanding of the theoretical frameworks that all breathing techniques are based on. You will easily identify and avoid the common pitfalls and misunderstandings that many breathworkers have about how it really works. From improved performance to healthier habits to altered states of consciousness…you don’t need to be a scientist to understand these. Just bring your curiosity!



The practice section will guide you through different kinds of breathing techniques and show you how to really apply the principles to daily life. Learn to enhance athletic performance, find deep inner calm, challenge your biochemistry, influence your oxygen uptake, improve your sleep quality, relax your mind and body, enhance your breath control, strengthen your breathing muscles and simply play around with the gift that is conscious breathing.


    lecture 1: The Laboratory

    This deep guided meditation is a full tour through all the aspects of breath that are always available inside of you! The goal of this course is for YOU to master YOUR breathing and it all starts with feeling it inside your own awareness. 

    lecture 2: Sources and streams

    There are infinite methods, techniques and protocols out there. But there are only a few core principles upon which all of these are based. This lecture explains why the principle-based mindset gives you more freedom in your practice. 

    lecture 3: biohacker perspective

    Learn to look at life – and your own biology – in a simple, systematic way. A biohacker uses science, technology and nature to enhance the human experience. This way of living is right within your reach!

    lecture 4: Circles of optimisation

    Learn to determine where to start making small changes for big results. Learn to understand how every aspect of life can be enhanced and optimized through your conscious choices. 

    lecture 5: Inspiration and expiration

    From your nose to every cell in your body and back: Learn what really happens at a physiological level between an inhale and an exhale with this birds-eye overview of the most important aspects of respiration.

    lecture 6: Into the nose

    Learn why the nose is the superior breathing organ, how to improve nose breathing, how to stop snoring and when to use mouth breathing effectively. Learn to understand the biochemistry of an optimal inhale. 

    lecture 7: Lungs, anatomy and mechanics

    Learn all about the anatomy and function of your lungs and the respiratory muscles. See the intricate beauty of the subtle movement that is breath. Understand how to optimize the quality of each breath mechanically and consciously.  

    lecture 8: OXYGEN, CO² & THE FORMULA OF LIFE

    Learn how your body metabolizes energy at a cellular level, why mitochondrial health determines your well-being and how you can improve the way your body uses oxygen so that you can live at a higher level. 

    lecture 9: Hacking into the brainstem

    Learn the ways that the primal parts of your brain control your breathing, and how you can hack into those primal functions with conscious breathing. Learn to mitigate anxiety and improve stress resilience. Understand one of the biggest misunderstandings that breath coaches have about breakthrough breathing sessions.

    Lecture 10: Co² as tool

    Learn why carbon dioxide is the key to healthy breathing habits, stress resilience and optimal energy production at a cellular level. Learn how to improve your body’s ability to use CO2 properly.

    Lecture 11: our intimate breath connection with everything ever

    Join me on this journey into prehistoric times and how our earth took shape to create the air that gives us the breath of life. Learn about some mind-blowing scientific facts and how every single breath you take is connected to the entire planet. 

    Lecture 12: nervous system and lifestyle systems

    Learn how your nervous system is wired to respond to your environment based on primal evolutionary survival mechanisms, and how our breath can help us influence the state of this system.

    Lecture 13: The hunter gatherer mismatch

    Learn about our ancestral blueprint for optimal well-being and how the modern world gets in our way. Learn how to take control and use this to our advantage. 

    Lecture 14: The primal brain and our mental patterns

    Learn to understand human behaviour through the “Triune Brain Theory”. Understand how we respond to survival mechanisms and how we can use this insight to become more empowered, free and strong in our mindset and thinking. 

    Lecture 15: Into the autopilot

    Learn why most of our life is being run on autopilot and how you can start to live with more awareness through consciously using the breath to influence our nervous system. Understand why your coaching clients get stuck in their life and how to help them. 

    Lecture 16: nervous system cave dwellers

    Learn the functions of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and how these create your mental and physical states. Understand how to optimally tune your nervous system to be flexible and resilient. 

    Lecture 17: The united states of breath 

    Learn how your state of mind and body are always intricately connected to your state of breath, and how to change your breath state in order to influence your mental, physical and emotional states. 

    Lecture 18: using stress to your advantage 

    Learn about the often misunderstood positive impact of stress on your nervous system. Learn how to use stress in your advantage, get rid of negative stress, and become healthier and more resilient. 

    Lecture 19: The polyvagal perspective

    Learn about this groundbreaking theory that explains how our states of being are regulated by our nervous system and how breathwork allows us to heal trauma, enter states of flow and be more loving and connected humans.

    Lecture 20: mapping out your nervous system

    Learn to map out your nervous system to get deep insight as to what is the most optimal breathing interventions for your personal life. Learn to explain and categorize your clients issues bij mapping out their nervous system. 

    Lecture 21: formal, informal and peak experiences 

    Start building the optimal breathing practice for your personal life and learn to categorize and structure your practice to get the most benefits with the least amount of effort. Know when to do what for best results. 

    Lecture 22: Inbreathients

    Understand the key breathing ingredients that allow you to master your breathing practice and which cues to give yourself to achieve optimal results with every breathing session. Learn how to help your clients find the optimal version of any breathing technique. 

    Lecture 23: breathe for the state you want

    Learn exactly how to control your energy systems for optimal outcomes with targeted breathing rhythms and gears. Learn how to instantly enhance athletic performance across the board with surprisingly simple breathing tweaks. 

    Lecture 24: quantified breath

    Learn how to quantify the quality of your breathing practice and measure your progress by tracking biometrics and doing simple self-tests. Learn when and when not to use quantification and what the pitfalls may be. 

    Lecture 25: one breath brake

    Learn how to calm down your nervous system with just 1 single breath. Learn how to apply this “state anchor” to integrate more moments of calm and conscious choice in your day. 

    Lecture 26: Focus reset breathing

    This simple 5 minute breathing technique will gently calm your nervous system and heart rate so that you can redirect your focus to what is important to you. Learn how to use this technique to improve your digestion, sleep and productivity. 

    Lecture 27: Down regulation breathing

    Learn this soothing but sometimes challenging technique to seriously put the brakes on your system. Learn how to bring your body into recovery mode after a workout or an intense day of work. Learn how to increase your CO2 tolerance by controlling your exhales. 

    Lecture 28: Volume Gears Breathing Session

    Learn how the different volumes of breathing influence your state of being. This session will guide you to explore your inner depths, train your diaphragmatic control and teach you to modulate your states with both superventilation and hypoventilation.

    Lecture 29:  Volumes Hypoxia

    Volumes Hypoxia combines the deep inner awareness of our depth of breath with breath holds. This way, we are training broth the CO2 tolerance and our ability to use oxygen with a deep and meditative breathing practice.

    Lecture 30:  The big Hum-Along

    Learn why chanting and humming are among the most powerful ways to increase Nitric Oxide, to stimulate your vagus nerve and to enhance you breath control. Learn how to consciously direct your attention through the resonance of your own voice.

    Lecture 31:  Minimising the breath

    Learn to harness the power of hypoventilation. This practice will enhance your CO2 tolerance and thus improve your ability to use oxygen at a cellular level and to be more resilient to stress. 

    Lecture 32:  Bag hacks

    Learn to use this simple but incredibly effective tool to reprogram your relationship with stress to be more balanced and relaxed. Sometimes discomfort can be our greatest teacher and allow us grow on a personal level. 

    Lecture 33:  Rhythmic Resonance

    Learn the simplest and most effective way to stimulate your vagus nerve and come to a physical and mental state of calm, healing and resonance. This guided practice will help you slow down your breath to the optimal frequency. 

    Lecture 34:  Wave Breath

    Learn to free your breath and deepen your practice by creating higher body awareness. This practice will bring new depth and control to your breathing practice. It’s now about what you do, it’s how you do it!

    Lecture 35:  Tissue prep and massage

    Learn to open up your tissues, loosen up your muscles and free your fascia so that your body is primed and ready to take wonderful free breaths. 

    Lecture 36:  Negative Exhales

    Learn how to remove stale air from your lungs, how to find a deep diaphragmatic breath and how to remain in calm breath control under any circumstance. The negative exhale may be uncomfortable at first, but o so powerful the more you do it. 

    Lecture 37:  Expansive Breath Directions

    Learn to free up your breathing mechanics in all directions so that your breath becomes more expanse, effortless and full of life. This practice will enhance your body intelligence and help you feel more deeply into each breath. 

    Lecture 38:  Power Thrust Breath

    Learn this powerful up-regulating practice to bring energy to your system and charge yourself up at any time. This practice requires you to use some new muscles and accompanying techniques that can be applied in many ways. 

    Lecture 39:  Breath and MObility

    Learn how your breath interacts with your mobility and flexibility and how to use the power thrust breath to open up your joints, muscles and tissues. 

    Lecture 40:  Alligator breathing

    Learn this simple and relaxing way to access deep diaphragmatic breathing and massage your organs with each breath you take. 

    Lecture 41:  Bouncing BReath

    Learn this wonderful way to bring energy and flow to your day. This practice will help you shake out tension from your system and recharge yourself with good vibes. 

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      Kasper van der Meulen

      “The Breathwork Biohacker” will be your teacher

      My work is devoted to teaching the core principles at the source, without getting lost in the details of methods, techniques and protocols. To lift the veil and fade the boundaries, and to connect the dots between ancient practice, modern science, human performance, personal healing and expanding consciousness. 

      Over the past decade I’ve explored and experimented with every human optimization technique I could find. I’ve been honoured to work closely with some of the key influencers in this new wave of modern, science-based breathing. I’ve been fortunate to learn from experts, scientists, doctors, and teachers from many disciplines about how breathwork relates to wellness, consciousness, performance, and human optimization. I’ve also applied these principles to thousands of humans, by teaching large groups, and by working in a close 1-1 setting with elite performers, special operators, top athletes, and the likes.

      “Master” is not a definite state we can attain, it is a path we can follow. One of continuous questioning, deeper understanding and masterful application of knowledge and skill. I am certainly no master, for the more I learn, the more I realise how much there is to know, and how far I still have to go. I have dedicated my life to that process.

      I am a teacher, and I want to share my experience with people that can truly use it. This is not a quick-certificate weekend, or a pre-defined linear course, this is a deep dive into a creative process of self-development as a human, as a coach, as a breather.

      Online Masterclass

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