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Breath Hacks for Better Sleep

If there’s one popular theme that I get asked about in relation to breath it’s: sleep! Oh boy do we want to get better sleep…or actually what we really want is to wake up better.

There’s countless ways to improve your sleep quality with use of conscious breathing but by far the most simple way is to improve your nasal breathing during the night. Especially if you snore or mouth breathe, then switching to nasal breathing can help you…

  • sleep deeper
  • get up with more energy
  • have less wakeful moments at night
  • stay hydrated better
  • start the day with less stress
  • have better overall recovery

Sadly though….most of us have blocked nasal airways due to chronic stress, allergies and suboptimal lifestyle. I sure do! To get out of this negative spiral there’s 3 tools that I use every day to keep my mouth shut and my nose open. And I’ll tell you all about them in this video!

By Kasper van der Meulen

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