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The Dark Side of Goal Setting: Why You Might Need to Stop

Hi there!

In this video, I discuss the dark side of goal setting and why it may be time for you to stop setting goals. While setting goals can be a powerful tool for personal development and achievement, it can also lead to a spiral of negative self-talk and self-doubt. Many of us set goals based on past trauma and feelings of lacking or self-hate, which can ultimately lead to a never-ending cycle of reward addiction and external validation.

I share insights from my experience working with high achievers, including CEOs and Olympic athletes, who often struggle with this same pattern of motivation. By examining the true motivations behind our goals, we can start to set goals from a place of self-love and enjoyment, leading to a more fulfilling journey towards personal growth and achievement. So, if you’re a motivation junkie or self-help enthusiast, this video is for you.

By Kasper van der Meulen

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