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The Dark Side of Measuring Your Breath: Avoid These Common Mistakes

In this video, I share some insights on the common mistake of chasing numbers when practicing and teaching breath work. While there are measurements that can be used to quantify breath, such as retention time and CO2 tolerance, the downside is that people often turn these numbers into goals and start chasing them. This can lead to neglecting the present moment experience and focusing solely on reaching a certain number, which is not the point of a breathing practice. I explain the difference between goal orientation and process orientation and how it relates to breath work. Instead of using these numbers as goals, they can be used as in-the-moment measurements to help build a stronger relationship with the body and understand how various lifestyle factors can influence breath. By following the numbers inside the body, we can gain a deeper understanding of how breath influences every part of our life and start to move towards mastery.

By Kasper van der Meulen

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Breath Mastery: You Don’t Need Breathing Techniques

Breath Mastery: You Don’t Need Breathing Techniques

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